Monday, January 10, 2011

Grumpy Video

For a while I have been wanting to experiment with time lapse video for my art work. I think it is an interesting way of showing the process of creating art without having to wait forever to see the image unfold (which is kind of like watching grass grow.) I was also thinking about using the approach as a spin-off to my sermon paintings which are always a challenge to synchronize with the speaker. Plus it looks really cool!

So I did a little surfing around on the Internet and found a simple site on how to make videos by using stills in Windows Movie Maker. With the straight-forward information on this site I was able to make this simple little video. Before this I didn't even know I had Windows Movie Maker on my computer! Go figure.

Actually, the "simple" part was doing the drawing. I wanted this to be an easy experiment, but I didn't think about setting my camera to a lower resolution. So after I loaded the pics onto my computer I had to reset the resolution of each image (all 530 pics) so that the video wouldn't take forever to upload to my blog. Sigh! A labor of love.

With this video I experimented with the pacing of the slides. If you notice, the slides showing the lettering are a bit slower than the slides showing the drawing process. When I have time I would like to experiment with sound and music on the videos.

The drawing was created with a 0.09mm mechanical pencil on paper. I usually draw old men when I experiment with new ideas in art. It must be how I subconsciously think of myself :)


An Evolving Artist @ said...

Nice change from reg videos. I liked it!

nanke's stuff said...

Fascinating! I love to watch videos of art being made! nancy