Monday, July 11, 2011

JLI Workshop

Here's a couple of examples from my workshop that I did last Thursday (July 7th). In my workshop, I shared some of my techniques that I use for my Sermon Paintings. I called them my "speed painting" techniques, similar to the idea of speed painter Denny Dent, yet with many differenences (I'm much slower and not as charismatic). I shared this with Jagged Lines of Imagination Academy, an organization that teaches art to all ages, but mostly children.
The first picture is a rough sketch of my design. In the background, you might notice that I had more planned than what eventually became the final product. Since time was a major consideration I decided to simplify the design. I did other preparatory sketches, but am unable to show them because I gave them away to two lucky individuals at the workshop.
With the final design I had children take part with painting parts of the statue, which is imagery inspired from the 2nd chapter of the Biblical book of Daniel. It was interesting to see each person's different way of handling the paint brush on the canvas. Some worked bold and quickly, and others worked carefully and tediously.
To prepare the canvas for the workshop I had placed a low tack tape to the surface to mask out the black lines for the forms and shapes. After everyone finished with sharing the painting process, we all helped with removing the tape from the canvas, which was lots of fun but a bit of a challenge since the paint dried rapidly from the hot weather and made it difficult to remove.
Today I touched up the painting a little bit and removed the rest of the tape that was missed during the presentation. Though there are things I wish I would have done differently with the final design, I am still happy with the overall experience. I would love to do more workshops in the future because I find it is fun to share the creative process with others.

Drawing done with an ultra fine Sharpie. Painting done with acrylics and tape.

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