Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Illustration Friday: Influence

I decided to do two illustrations for this week's topic. The first has to do with our societies educational system (here in the States) and how it seems the decision makers are so concerned with how the rest of the world, especially China, are way ahead of us in math and science. Though I agree that we have some challenges with our system, I think we are going at it in a backwards way. We seem to want to have the high academic scores that China has without paying the same dues that China has paid. However, the American culture and Chinese culture are very different, and what I think we really need to do is not compare ourselves with other countries, but go about in our own way, according to our way of thinking and culture to excel in our educational system. We need to not let the influence of other cultures dim our focus on what we need to do.

This second illustration centers on the influence of family and obesity, a major problem in the more affluent nations of the world. I think the importance of healthy living starts with attitudes that are developed in the family unit. Whatever habits are modeled by parent are followed by their children.
Both illustrations were created with India ink and watercolor.


Alex said...

Awesome as always!

Revelle said...

These are great!

Cathy Holtom said...

Two very different takes, both good!