Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Avengers Fan Art WIP

As I wait for my watercolor wash to dry, I decided to show a couple of details of my latest work in progress.  The new project that I am working on is to create fan art that is inspired from the Avengers movie that will be coming out in 2012.  My plan is to create a full figured portrait of all the characters featured in the movie, then do at least one group portrait of all the characters.  Instead of depicting them as they are in the movie, I wanted to draw them as they are in the comics, specifically, their costumes.  My spin on things is that I am rendering them in a more refined approach of my usual illustration style which uses watercolors and India ink.  I am wanting to balance stylized depiction and realism in my drawings.
My intent with this project is to create and sell prints of the artwork.  A long shot goal is to get into selling both fan art and my personal work at comic conventions.  I am hoping to earn enough money so I can mingle and network at the conventions.

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raena said...

I love the face! Sounds like a great project, especially with the movie coming out in 2012.