Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting to Print

Here's a project I almost discarded until an acquaintance expressed purchasing a print of the design.  This design is based on one of my sermon paintings.  Though I like the concept, it is not my favorite painting, specifically how it was executed.  For some reason I get a lot of people telling me it is their favorite painting.
So a while ago I had the idea of painting more refined versions of the sermon paintings on a smaller canvas so they could easily be reproduced and made into prints.  The prints would be for sale.  I already recreated the Communion Triptych, then started on the foot washing design.  Then I got busy with other things and just decided to not do any more recreations because the triptych was not really selling that well.
With the interest of at least a couple of people, I decided to finish the design and just order prints as interest dictates.  I don't want to have a bunch of prints sitting around the studio looking for a home.
This painting, as with the triptych, started out with a black and white underpainiting.  After the paint is dry, I will coat the canvas with gloss medium and allow that to dry.  Then I'll add glazes of color until the painting is completed.  This is the way that many of the old masters used to develop their paintings, except I'm using acrylics instead of oils.  Here's what I've done so far including some closer detail pics.



raena said...

Excellent! Look forward to seeing it with color!

Clare said...

Beautiful works, I love it in black & white.

Alex said...

Awesome! I love both B&W and colors....hmmm... that kinda explains why I am swaying towards being a minimalist when it comes to colors