Sunday, October 2, 2011

24 Hour Comic: Through Eyes

The 24 Hour Comic challenge is to create 24 pages of a sequential comic story (which is the typical number of pages for one comic book) in 24 hours.  As I am typing, I am at 18 hours and 40 minutes.  I didn't work on my story the entire time (I had Saturday errands to run), but I wanted to complete it before 24 hours passed so I could get some sleep and be rested for church the next day.  So with that I was a success.  Oh, and the only preparation allowed for the challenge is to get supplies together, reference materials, food, etc.  Absolutely no preliminary sketches or plots written out.  
For my story, I divided it into 4 subplots.  I guess we can call them chapters.  Each chapter starts and ends with an eye, hence the title Through Eyes.  If I put titles on the chapters here is what they would be:  Chapter 1 The Futility of Life.  I've been toying with this irony in my head for a while so I decided to put it down on paper for the challenge.  I'm pretty happy with it.
Chapter 2 Gay Boy.  Part of this is from my childhood experience of walking to school.  There were a couple bullies on the way that called me, and sometime my friend, "Gay Boy".  A few times they even shot at me with a BB gun.  It's a wonder I survived childhood.  The ending is made up, but I am sure as a child, I wouldn't have minded doing something like that, though maybe a little less harmful.
Chapter 3 Atomic Fighters.  I don't know what I was thinking with this one.  I had a creative block for a bit and so I just decided to draw and make it up as I went.  Had to stay on schedule!  So since the plot ended as a catastrophic event, that lead to 
Chapter 4 Life Suits.  Originally, I wasn't going to do a zombie story because I don't want people thinking that is all I am interested in.  But I thought a post apocalyptic setting would lend itself to the walking dead so I thought "Why not?"
All of the story was illustrated in graphite pencil.  
I tried uploading it as a PDF but Blogger wouldn't do it.  Sorry if it takes a while to navigate.


Dan Kent said...

Well - mighty admirable you were able to get all that done in a day!! I love the alien brains with eyes!

raena said...

Great work! I think I would have frozen on the spot for such a challenge. I especially like the drawings on page seven.

David R. Vallejo said...

Thanks Dan & Raena. I had fun doing the brain guys,Dan. I think I might recycle them for another story.
Raena, my family had a hard time understanding page 7, so I'm glad you like it. I did have a couple of "frozen" moments but thankfully I got through it. It was a great exercise for me since I want to do a couple of graphic novels in the near future.

Alex said...

Amazing speed and very interesting strips! Alien brains with eyes is definitely my favorite too ^^

Sandra said...

Amazing that you did so much in such a short time frame. Nice work.