Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Characters Challenge #17

Nadine Lombardi
·         Japanese/Italian
·         Chief executive officer of corporate travel company
·         She has family on both Earth and Titan
·         She worked her way up to a higher social class, but decided to stay on earth to care for her family
·         Has a divided family: Titan (Italian) family is pompous, egocentric, and looks down on anyone that lives on Earth; Earth family (Japanese) is lower middle class that struggles to survive; they value close friends and family
·         Though Nadine is an executive, she still takes on extra work to take care of her Earth family; she therefore has to travel back and forth to Titan; technology allows for her to tend to the corporate travel company
·         Nadine is Thomas’ love-interest, though she unknowingly intimidates him

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raena said...

Interesting twist...zombies and aliens!