Thursday, November 17, 2011

Illustration Friday: Silent

I would hate to say this illustration was "inspired" by the events that were discovered taking place at Penn State.  So I'll say that I was compelled as an artist to create imagery that addresses the events that deeply affected innocent victims.  It seems when it comes to child molestation, there is a lot of silence that shrouds both victims and predators.  How is it that society looks the other way?  How is it that an individual can continue doing terrible things to children for years and years?  As a parent, I feel that I cannot be careful enough to see that my son does not fall victim to the evil people of the world.

Illustration created with watercolor, pen, brush and India ink.

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raena said...

It has certainly been infuriating to read all the stories on this! You would think adults would want to protect the children from men like this, not protect the men like this!