Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saturn's Moon: Supporting Material

Here's a couple of sketches of ideas for my graphic novel, which will be called Saturn's Moon. The first is a futuristic car, called a "mobile" in the story.  My son made a comment about it not being able to fly.  Good observation.  The reason for this is because the story represents a post apocalyptic society of sorts, where society has restructured itself in a way that even though it is technologically advanced, it is also technologically repressive to the common citizen.  The use of "higher technology" is a crime and the penalties for its use and possession are severe.
The second sketch is of a space transport.  The transport takes qualified citizens  away from oppressed Earth and allows people to start a new life in a massive space station colony near Saturn's moon Titan.  The station exploits Titan's natural resources allowing its colonists to live independently from Earth's population.

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Barbara B said...

I like the sketches and the concept. It will be interesting to see the story develop and to see if the colonists have learned anything from earth's experience!