Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Show Preparation

Over the last couple of weeks I found out about an art show that is being held this week at a restaurant here in town. It is the restaurant's first art show and it is open to any area artist that may want to exhibit. Not being sure if I would be able to find time to participate, I didn't really think about it until last week when my schedule opened up a bit. So I decided over the weekend to try to get something together for the show.
However, my problem is that most of my art is illustrative work, not typically something that would be displayed in a gallery type of exhibit. So I decided to create work for the show.
Since I have a bunch of canvases collecting dust in the garage, I decided to bring them out and work on them for the exhibit. My approach is to be loose and expressive with the designs. Here is my first work. It is done with acrylic paint and collage. I am going to approach these paintings as a series so they all will have a cohesive unity about them for the show. I'm hoping to sell my work at this exhibit.

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