Wednesday, February 1, 2012

George Lucas

What in the world is George doing? He did a brilliant job with his original Star Wars creations. They are classic films. However, when he re-released them with additions and technological changes it was all downhill from there. Then came his prequels which were lifeless husks of the original films. Now with another re-release of his Star Wars series in 3D (how many re-releases can he do?), one doesn't really need to wonder why he is doing it. It's the reason is why everyone else is doing 3D: MONEY!! And devoted fans are gullible enough to fall for his exploitative actions. Well, I was gullible enough to see his prequel films, but I refuse to see his 3D work. I wish George would just move on to something else and stop tweeking his films. He's creative. He's rich. He's got clout. What's stopping him from trying to create something original? If he did something different with the attempt to break new ground I would be curious enough to give it a chance and see it, and I think other fans would too.
Anyway, enough rambling. Here's my illustrative portrait of George makin' silly money.

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Revelle Taillon said...

I totally agree. Love your drawing!