Monday, November 5, 2012

Multi-tasking Challenged

I was very disappointed and upset with myself last Friday. Along with preparing for the Sandhill Crane Art Show I had a bunch of other things going on. With all of that, I overlooked the times that the exhibit was accepting artwork deliveries. When I finally got around to delivering the artwork it was too late to bring them to the show. So no exhibit for me! If I could afford it, I would hire a personal assistant to keep me organized.
On a positive note, I was able to hang the art on my living room wall for the family to enjoy. Ah, well! There will always be another show.


kristen rinaker said...

Well drat. Must say that your personal show is beautiful. Perhaps more folks will see it here than at the festival? One can hope.

David R. Vallejo said...

Thanks, Kristen. Hey, we had company over last night and they were able to enjoy the art. I guess that is the ultimate reason for creating art, so that other can appreciate it.