Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Y.E.P. Project

I got an opportunity to do some pro bono work over the past several weeks. My friend Jesse is a police chaplain here in town and works with the schools in the area. He is a part of an effort called the Youth Education Program (Y.E.P.) which educates school children on topics such as bullying, alcohol, drugs, gangs, leadership, and conflict resolution. Having known Jesse for the past several years, and getting to work with him on a variety of projects, I was happy to lend my artistic skills to Y.E.P.
The great thing about pro bono work for an artist is that it often allows for some creative freedom and flexible deadlines. In my case, I was able to experiment with Photoshop and Illustrator and kind of relearn the programs since it had been years since I had really worked with them. Since I want to do more digital work, this was a good experience to work on an actual illustration project to see real on the job results.
Here is the Y.E.P. t-shirt logo. It's pretty simple. I wrote the letters by hand with a printmaking brayer on paper. Then I scanned it in to Illustrator to vectorize the image to be printed. The plan is for the logo to be printed all over the shirt, i.e., "YEP, YEP, YEP, YEP ..." Can't wait to see them!

Here are my illustrations. I drew them with a #1 round brush and India ink, then I scanned and colored them in Photoshop. They will be used for PowerPoint slides. The first slide is basically for an introduction. The following slides highlight one child at a time, with each child representing one of the topics of the presentation. My thought-process behind the children illustrations was that there really are no stereotypes when it comes to drugs, alcohol, leadership, etc. These are all choices, good or bad, that we decide to be a part of or not.


Mary Walker Designs said...

This is a great cause but you probably already knew that huh? Your smart including all the kids stereotypes.

Clare said...

Great work for an extremely important and worthy cause. I love your brayered logo. I enjoy creating pro bono it is a chance to be free and One always gets so much more in return.