Friday, November 22, 2013


So the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year is "selfie". With past words of the year such as "omnishambles", "squeezed middle", and "refudiate", it seems that the English language is getting cluttered more so than ever. It makes it difficult to take the people at Oxford Dictionary too seriously. Actually, with the implications of such a word as "selfie", it's hard to take our society too seriously.

Illustration created with watercolor, brush, pen and ink, and digital.


Mary Walker said...

I've missed so much here nice duck face, the newest selfie drama squinching...butt twerking what next? Google makes these things up to increase traffic on their search engine. Also could you add a follow by email widget so we can have your posts delivered to our inboxes super convenient to stay updated since EDM isn't giving us clickable links.

Deborah said...

Great idea! I love these, just like someone would post. Great lips.